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For all flightcase manufacturers!

Flight case design has never been so easy. You can start right away with the user-friendly FliteCAD® interface and numerous templates. Select components from the unlimited software database, save your projects and display your designs in 2D and 3D with zoom and rotate features. And the best thing is that FliteCAD® is available for download by all Adam Hall Group B2B customers absolutely free of charge!

In addition to simple project and customer management, FliteCAD® also creates quotes with a single click which you then can print out or e-mail directly to your customers. Furthermore, the latest version of FliteCAD® available shortly can be embedded in your website. This will allow your customers to design cases online, access previously configured flightcase designs and request quotes directly – making FliteCAD® a highly effective marketing tool for your products and services.

Features of FliteCAD® Version 1

Simple And Straightforward User Interface

The clear, uncluttered layout of the FliteCAD user interface makes navigating the software a breeze. The straightforward architecture lets you perform actions quickly and efficiently to focus on the job.

Quick-Start Case Design Guide

With three basic styles and a wide variety of templates to choose from you're "on the case" immediately. These can easily be modified to perfectly match your customer's requirements.

2D And 3D Blueprint Views

Your case design is visualized to scale with faithful 2D and 3D graphics. Zoom in to inspect details such as latches or handles, and the rotation function lets you view the case from all sides and angles.

Unlimited Hardware Database

The software includes a database of all case materials and parts available from Adam Hall Group. It allows you to add any number of third-party items and easily manage your hardware inventory.

DXF export for machine link

The DXF export enables you to transfer your design data directly to your CNC machine.

Easy Client And Project Management

Setting up, maintaining and updating a customer database is easily accomplished with FliteCAD, and the software lets you save and manage finalized case design projects for future reference, of course.

Quotations With A Single Click

Create quotations that are instantly ready to email or print with just a click. In addition to your letterhead you can also incorporate design blueprints to visualize your case constructions.

Available soon

Embed FliteCAD On Your Website

This feature will enable your present and prospective clients to configure their own custom cases online. Embedding FliteCAD on your website is a powerful way to maintain and grow customer relations.

Market Your Case Designs

Use FliteCAD to showcase and market your case creations. In addition to life-like blueprint views the software provides detailed specifications including materials, parts and dimensions.

Web Interface

Enabling instant interaction, the FliteCAD Web Interface allows customers to browse and select from your range of designs, configure one-off custom cases and immediately communicate them to you.

FliteCAD® Video


FliteCAD® is far more than just a programme for fast configuration and costing of flightcases – the software also allows you to manage your components and customer data. As an Adam Hall B2B customer, FliteCAD® gives you an attractive online marketing tool that helps you expand your customer base and increase sales.

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System requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7 SP 1 or newer Windows 10
CPU Intel Core i3-3210 or similar/or better Intel Core i56400 oder similar/or better
Graphics Processor Integrated graphics card with DirectX 11 or better Integrated graphics card with DirectX 11 or better
Disk Space 4 GB or more available storage 10 GB or more available storage
Internet Connection Yes Yes

Software updates

  • Version 1.0.7
    • Improved stability when printing documents
    • Own company data can now be changed reliably
    • Print template for construction plan optimized
    • Improved stability of the item import for new installations/updates and online updates

  • Version 1.0.5
    • Optimization of loading times for cases
    • Components can be selected and edited by double-clicking
    • Support for Adam Hall Hardware castors
    • Support of profile rivets, including weight / volume / volume calculation
    • Improved support for rack rails
    • Optimization construction plan
    • Configurable DXF export
    • Supports rivet holes for corresponding Adam Hall Hardware components
    • Optimization of board-material utilization
    • Frequently used components can be marked as favorites for faster access during construction
    • New Adam Hall Hardware components integrated

  • Version 1.0.1-Beta
    • Settings for images for offers: In the current version, you have the option to set parameters for the case preview images to be generated for the offers. In the program's settings, you are able to change the rotation and position of the camera.
    • Case weight and dimensions are now displayed in project information: The program uses parts data provided by Adam Hall to calculate the weight of the case to be constructed. In this way, you are able to provide your customers with a very precise prediction on the bulk of the construction. Using project information, you are now also able to view the current dimensions of the planned case.
    • Specify special discounts according to customer: Do you have customers who have shown many years of loyalty, or a key account customer whom you would like to provide a discount? Nothing is easier: In the current version of FliteCAD, you can add a discount to the customer record which will then be automatically included when creating an offer.
    • Copying components to facing side: Have you installed surface and lid components on one side of the case and now want to position these on the facing side? Just a mouse click is required: If required, the program creates a copy of the parts on the facing side.
    • Calculating working times from materials used: The current version gives you an option to set working times based on parts. Working times are proportionally calculated according to number of items (for piece goods), length (for goods sold by the metre), or area (sheet goods).
    • Option to include or exclude castors in the "outer dimensions with order" format: You now have the option, using a checkbox within the project, to set whether or not castors are to be considered for the measurement "outer dimensions with order". This makes sense especially in projects where the case rather than the castor dimensions are relevant.
    • Your details on Adam Hall components: These are of course retained even after updates to the article database and price lists. The "Working time" and "Favourite" fields are now transferred fully automatically to the new data.
    • Multilingual desktop: Under certain conditions, it was possible you still saw text in English rather than in the language you selected in earlier versions of FliteCAD – this has now been rectified so that the program functions fully in the selected language.

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